Labioplasty: plastic surgery of the labia

Do you have health problems caused by the hypertrophy of the labia? The size of the labia makes it difficult for you to function normally, destroys the intimate life and is the cause of bad feeling. Get rid of the problem, arrange a 60-minute plastic surgery of the labia and regain confidence! 

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MBBS Agnieszka Chomicz - urology specialist (FEBU), ultrasound specialist in the field of ultrasound of the urinary system and male reproductive system, author of reports and publications, and head of two departments in the official bimonthly of the Polish Society of Urology "Przegląd Urologiczny". He performs procedures in the field of women's and men's aesthetic surgery.

Labioplasty – fast, effective method of correction of labia defects

How is the labioplasty performed? discussed by doctor Agnieszka Chomicz


The patient should be properly prepared for the plastic surgery of the labia. Before the surgery the doctor will conduct an extensive interview during which he will ask, among other things, about the diseases, medicines you take and order additional tests. One week before the planned procedure the patient in consultation with the doctor should discontinue anticoagulants and preparations containing vitamin E. The day before the procedure, it is recommended to perform intimate hair removal, allowing proper hygiene of the wound.


Labioplasty involves correction of the shape and size of minor labia under local anesthesia. We can carry out the procedure using two methods. The Trim method consists of removing the margins of the minor labia, while the Wedge method is a wedge resection: the tissues are cut in the V-shape, and the incision edges are sewn together using single or continuous intradermal sutures.


Why a labioplasty? 

Because it gives women the opportunity to significantly improve the quality of life and obtain a natural look and shape of the labia.


Large, deformed or asymmetric labia
Deformation of the labia after giving birth
Discomfort in the perineum, in particular vulva, while wearing underwear, tight swimwear, but also during sitting and physical exercise
Complaints about problems with taking up/continuing sexual intercourse
Frequent vulvar infections
Unsatisfactory labia look

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